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The World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

De Carlo Torre di Mossa

Like everything else, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has its own version of the Academy Awards.
(OMG, what will I wear?)

Unlike many other olive oil competitions that look at a selection of oils from a limited geographical area, Flos Olei – the guide to the world’s best extra virgin,  takes a global perspective including olive oil from 45 producing countries! Flos Olei not only awards the top of the top in a variety of categories, it also ranks the oils (all 655 of them) giving them a score out of 100 based on the panel’s olfactory, taste and visual assessment.

We are absolutely thrilled that our partner farms have again performed so well.  Envelope please? Here’s a selection…
Librandi Organic (Calabria)  – 98/100
Frantoio Franci (Tuscany)  – 98/100 and the Best Extraction System
Bonamini DOP (Veneto) – 96/100 and Best Delicate DOP EVOO
De Carlo Torre di Mossa (Puglia)  – 96/100 and Best EVOO of the Year

And speaking of delicious amazing oils… all of our New Harvest Oils are en route and it is just a matter of days before the full selection of our 2012 products will be available for shipping.  Have you been pining away for your ‘out of stock’ favourite? A number of are now available for pre-order including high-scoring Librandi Organic, Bianchini Cartoceto Cuvee and the EVOO of the year from De Carlo, the Torre di Mossa.

Don’t forget that many of our oh-so-very-tasty 2011 oils are on offer now with our DuePerUno Sale which ends February 1st. Hurry… many are nearly out of stock!


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